My second craft fair

21 Jun

Yup, I did it again. Signed up for another craft fair. This time I thought, no problem, I’ve done this before. I decided not to take the bulky display pieces, opting for condensing product. I also added toe rings and children’s jewelry. The theory being the less expensive items would cover my booth cost, which turned out to be true. I used dried rice and beans in shallow containers to display the rings. Worked great. I could easily pick up one container and show it to a customer on the other side of the booth.  

Booth set up:  
I’ve found that by pulling the tables a foot or two inside the tent, customers will step inside to get out of the sun.  

I also added a chalkboard sign announcing the children’s jewelry. I was the only one selling children’s jewelry so that brought people in.

On the morning of day two, I completely removed all the sides from the tent. This really helped with air flow and visibility. Plus at the end of the day it was once less thing to do.

Here’s where I had issues:

Problem one…I didn’t keep everything together. For the first fair, I borrowed stuff from all over the house, and then when the fair was over, I put some of it back. I should have either made a list or kept it together. Things like packing tape, easel stand, scissors.  

Problem two…they gave me the same space number but it was in a different spot. This time I was able to sell from both sides of the tent, which meant a different layout. I had downsized everything including tables so this took some thought.

Problem three…I didn’t bring enough jewelry making supplies. Twice someone wanted earrings to match a bracelet or necklace and I didn’t have the right beads or ear wires with me. Otherwise, I would have made them up right away and potentially sold several more pieces.
Now I’m taking a break. Next time it will be around the Holidays.  
Good luck to you. I’d love to hear your experiences!


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